Why Put The Sun To Work?

These are the benefits for Las Vegas homeowners in qualifying zip codes…

$0 Out Of Pocket

Planning, Engineering, Permits, Equipment, and Installation costs are all covered.

Instant Savings

Solar Energy is the solution to the ever rising cost of electricity. You’ll immediately see a drop in your energy costs, and the ‘Summer Spike’ will be a thing of the past…for you.

Added Home Value

Solar Energy not only makes your home less expensive to run, it’ll make it more valuable. The National Average of value added to a home in 2017 was $5,911 per installed kW.

Federal Tax Credit

Qualifying Las Vegas homeowners converting to Solar receive a Federal Tax Credit for up to 30% of their equipment’s value.

Local Rebates

Homes converting to Solar get a one time Local Rebate of up to $3,000.

Local Jobs

We aren’t some fly by night contractor who magically appeared after AB 405 passed. Our installers have been here, and will be for the long haul.

This program won’t be around forever, so find out if you qualify to take advantage of it today!

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